Radiant Skin Powered By Icelandic Nature

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Transform Dry Skin

Age-Defence and Hydration from head to toe

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Wild, Clean and Conscious Beauty

We deliver radiant skin powered by Icelandic nature. We formulate high -performance products of unparalleled quality and efficacy with wildcrafted, sustainable arctic ingredients that show results.


Discover Your Ritual

Rooted from the rituals of Iceland - bathing in natural geothermal pools, the arctic ocean and using old remedies with wild hand picked herbs that have been used for centuries to nourish the skin - ANGAN skincare was born.

I love the salt scrub, it has done a lot for my stretchmarks after pregnancy and was really the only thing that worked.

Lilja Björk Icelandic Moss Saltscrub

My skin not only gets a beautiful colour and shine but also a lot of nutrition and moisture.

Andrea Eyland Volcanic Glow Body Oil

This face mask has been my must have to manage my acne breakouts and keep my skin smooth and glowing.